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What we do
Innogreen is a leading manufacturer of industrial water treatment equipment. Innogreen sells, installs and services commercial/industrial water treatment systems used in many different applications. These include standard and custom systems to meet your specific process water or drinking water treatment needs in many commercial, municipal and industrial applications.
With over 11 years of experience in industrial water treatment equipment design and manufacturing, Innogreen is a qualified and experienced provider of many different types of industrial water treatment equipment specifically suited to your commercial or industrial water treatment use. Innogreen is a manufacturer that also offers a wide variety of water treatment equipment services.
Innogreen's Manufacturing Edge

Innogreen have extensive experience and knowledge to recommend standard water treatment equipment or to work with you to design a custom industrial water treatment system. Innogreen has worked on and provided equipment for a wide variety of systems in many municipal, institutional, commercial and industrial water filtration applications, including:

♦ Manufacturing Plants
♦ Food Processing Plants
♦ Beverage Production
♦ Boiler Feed water
♦ Pharmaceuticals Production
♦ Agriculture
♦ Hospitals
♦ Institutions
♦ Laundries
♦ Sea water desalination plant
♦ Safe Drinking Water Applications
♦ Containerization/ Containerized plants
♦ Mobile water station
♦ Spot Free Product Rinse
♦ Ion Exchange Pre-treatment
♦ Specialty Water Treatment Applications
♦ Pure/Mineral water and Beverage filling line

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