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Brief Introduction

We manufacture commercial bottling equipment for the bottled water industry, one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
Since the beginning of Beijing Innogreen, we have been working with water bottlers of every size and stage of business, from start-ups to many of the leading independent water bottlers in the nation.
In addition to our own manufacturing capability, we represent quality manufacturers from around the world so we can deliver solutions at the quality you expect and the performance you need, all within your budget.
We are your complete source for water bottling equipment.
Beginning with water pretreatment and purification systems including uv sterilization, water ozonation, deionization, reverse osmosis, water distillers, and commercial water softeners, our products include stretch blow molders to produce your own PET bottles, bottle loading and washing, a full range of bottle filling machines including table top bottle fillers, semi-automatic bottle filling machines and fully automatic integrated monoblock rinser-filler-cappers, manual to automatic capping machines, bottle labelers,.carton erectors, case packing and shrink bundling, and the conveyors to tie it all together.
From designing and installing a complete bottled water production line or water bottling plant to helping you add new capacity to your existing water bottler system, we are known for our customer support at every phase.
RFC Series Bottled Water Filling Machine’s Technology Parameter:

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