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Beijing Innogreen Technology Co.,Ltd.

Beijing Innogreen Technology Co.,Ltd. is one of the biggest international leaders for the solution of water treatment system. We are a new environmental protection enterprise integrating water treatment developing, designing, equipment manufacturer and sales, project erection, technical consultation and installation.
Our organizations include 5 divisions: division of civil terminal water purification; division of industrial pure water; division of EDI; division of softener; and division of super pure water for laboratory. We have a professional team in long term doing water treatment technology researching and project practicing. Read more

Filtration Systems

Automatic Multı-Media Filtration Units
Multi-media filters are used to purify residue and particles cause blurriness. Filtration columns contain graded quartz coal minerals...detail

Water Softening Units

Single Water Softening Units
Calcium and magnesium are cationic ions. They are found in water as solution, they are the main factors to detection of water hardness...detail

Water Sterilization Systems

In microbiological water treatment, organisms in water are exposured ultraviolet ray at 254 nm wavelength with ultraviole...detail

Our Projects

Industrial ro water treatment system

  • 1, 30T Water purifier plant system-- Beijing Wahaha Co.,Ltd
  • 2, 30T/H sea water desalinization—Peru
  • 3, 250T/H×4 RO system-- shenhua group corporation limited
  • 4, 45T/H+15T/H polysilicon water treatment system
  • 5, 1.5T/H purifier water treatment system-Maldives
  • 6, 8T/H Pure water equipment--China National Coal Group
  • 7, NOKIA Cleaning water for electroplating
  • 8, P&G Pure water Equipment
  • 9, Daqing Oilfield Outdoor Mining Water
  • 10, Hair Group Precise Machine Washing Water

household water treatment machine

  • 1, Olympiques Organizing Commttee Drict Drinking Water
  • 2, Earthquake relief drinking water purifier
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